2016 - An exciting discovery in the cave! I was digging in the back of the cave and my shovel struck something solid. I pushed the soil away and found this scrap of wood! I believe it is the code Omalof used to send messages to Anabar. I cleaned most of the dirt off the wood and found these symbols burned into it. I really can't imagine why one of them would have written the code down, but maybe Anabar did it so he wouldn't forget it. 

It took a while, but I finally figured out the code. See if you can work out the alphabet. I will post some messages below for you to translate! The code is the alphabet. Check the solutions below to see how each symbol represents a letter.

This is a message from Anabar Rises that Omalof sent to Anabar. See if you remember it. The message is "Bridge sundown".

Anabar left this message at the cave near the border when he was assigned there when Omalof was angry with him. The messages is "Four Ricamar soldiers crossed river".

Dec. 27, 2016 - TIP FOR BOOK #3, ANABAR'S NIGHT. Congratulations to Jospeh from Florida for solving this message! He will get free copies of Anabar's Run and Anabar Rises! 
It contains some information that will appear in book three, Anabar's Night. Try to figure it out to get a big tip about the book.
Here is the message: In book three Anabar must fight Omalof.

I just got back from a brief trip to the valley and did some more snooping around in the cave. I'm glad they are keeping people out of there, as I continue make important finds. I was rereading Marabel's book and noticed the inside back cover was a bit loose. I carefully folded it back and found this poem. She must have written it when she left with Pompor and Tom and traveled to the valley.


How can this land succumb to war?
What will result from all this strife?
Why have we turned from song to roar?

This foolish fighting leads to gore
and makes the hero lose his life.
How can this land succumb to war?

I should have tried to block the door.
That was my duty as his wife.
Why have we turned from song to roar?

A happy life I'll have no more.
Of misery, this world is rife.
How can this land succumb to war?

No father for my sweet babe nor
safety from warlike drum and fife.
Why have we turned from song to roar?

In pain I drop down to the floor.
My world destroyed by bow and knife.
How can this land succumb to war?
Why have we turned from song to roar?