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 These first pages are water damaged, and I typed the rest for you. I'll post more after I finish going over the rest. Will

training log

March 7 – left with boy. Went a few miles and told him about the Scouts. He says he wants to try. I see something in his eyes. Will find out soon.

Day 1
Rode 6 miles(east) – boy caught up late. Harder tomorrow.

day 2
boy looks rough, soft. He’s got some extra weight. Maybe I was wrong about him. They can’t all make it

day 3
boy came out of the woods. Scared by a bear. This was probably a mistake. Better to drop him and head south

Day 4
Boy surprised me. He moved faster today and he got mad.

Day 5 – keeping up a bit better. Happy to see him getting angry at this.  I don’t want a coward. Good to see his anger driving him

Day 8 – spotted a group of riders to the south. Trying to stay behind cover.  At least three, maybemore. Will monitor and deal with them if they get closer.

Day 9 – group still in sight. Trying to stay hidden. Boy keeping up better. A few more days of running and will start  showing him tracking and movement, and move into mountains.

Day 10 – Group still keeping pace, but trying to stay behind cover. Will send boy ahead to the falls while I go tend to them.

Later – there were three. Definitely Ricamar, but they wouldn’t say so at first.
They eventually talked.

 Might be a random patrol, or something more. Not sure. Will keep watch.
Boy did well on way to falls. Running better and thinking now.

Day 11 – I think he’s ready to start in the mountains. Will head north tomorrow. No  sign of more trouble

Day 12 – Found a farm near the base of the mountains. Paid farmer to take the horse. Farmer has spotted bandits in the area. Left signs in the woods near the farm. Good lesson for the boy. Made it look like there were about 100 soldiers in the area. Should keep bandits away if there are just a few.

Note from Fortus to the scouts:

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