My Anabar books, Anabar's Run and Anabar Rises are newly edited and in great shape. A group of sixth grade studnets recently read Anabar's Run and told me they enjoyed it very much.  I have plans to  work on book #3, Anabar's Night, this summer, but first, I need to make another expedition to the valley. It seems like I find something every time I go into the cave...


Welcome to the Anabar Series

May 2017 update - Exciting news!!! Joseph, a reader from Florida, solved the secret code on the "Extras" page and for a reward I sent him paperback copies of Anabar's Run and Anabar Rises." Congratulations Joseph! Please go to the "Extras" page and see the solutions to the secret messages. This appears to be the code Omalof used to send assignments to Anabar.

December 2016 Update! I have just revised and re-released both of my books, Anabar's Run and Anabar Rises, and both are available in paperback and on Kindle. I totally changed the beginning to Anabar's Run, so it gets right into the action. 

Hello readers and visitors! Thanks for coming to my website, where you can find information on my books, Anabar's Run and Anabar Rises. Over the past several years, I have made trips to Semdela and Ricamareth and gathered a secret Scout code, photographs, documents, and other materials, which I am posting here for you to examine. I have uploaded maps, which I drew, photographs, pages from Omalof’s training log (water damaged), coded messages, geographical data on the two countries, and other features.

I am planning another trip this summer to Semdela and Ricamareth, and I’ll do my best to gather as much as I can. Right now, I have leads on where I might find a map of the battlefield and some poems written by Anabar’s mother. I have also made contact with a man who claims to have a rare copy of a Scout training manual and arrest orders issued for Omalof. I hope he will give me a fair price for them, but I would gladly pay him quite a bit.

I also plan to explore the valley cave again. It never fails to surprise me how I seem to find something different each time I poke around in there.

Thanks again for visiting. Let me know if there is anything else you might want to see from the books, and I’ll see if I can find it on my trip.


Will Granger